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Allergone: an important step in the multimodal approach to house dust mite allergy

To successfully treat allergy or atopy in dogs, cats and horses, a multi-modal approach is often required. This...

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FAQs about PAX

As our PAX proposition keeps on expanding, we are happy to further accommodate you with an FAQ about PAX. This way, you...

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PAX® serum test available for horses

We are happy to announce our platform for molecular testing of IgE sensitizations is ready for commercial allergy...

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PAX® Food, why and how can it be useful?

At this time, the review of existing evidence suggests that the testing (intradermal, prick, patch or IgE serological)...

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Why maximising topical therapy is important?

Topical therapy is often used in mild cases of superficial pyoderma to reduce the cutaneous bacterial population but...

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Superficial Pyoderma in Dogs: Therapy & Treatment

This blog is the third in a series of three instalments, preceeded by Part 1 (Ethyology & Pathogenesis of the...

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The future of IgE sensitisation detection - PAX® NOW AVAILABLE

From today, PAX® is officially available for the testing of dog sera....

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