Skin fold problems & successful long term management through cleaning

Skin fold problems and successful long term management through cleaning: A new approach. Skin fold problems are very...

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Why maximising topical therapy is important?

Topical therapy is often used in mild cases of superficial pyoderma to reduce the cutaneous bacterial population but...

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Cat Allergies 101

Itching is a common allergy symptom in cats and often manifests into other symptoms initiated by a variety of...

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House dust mite allergy and its solution

Allergen levels  in house dust mite allergy are at their highest between May and October, the peak...

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Allergy Management Tips And Tricks

Allergies are triggered by diverse environmental, dietary, and seasonal factors. Although hyposensitization therapy is...

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Diet's Role in An Effective Allergy Management Strategy

Once allergy testing has been completed, a diet trial and hyposensitization are 2 other important elements of a proper...

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10 tips to reduce exposure to house dust mites

To successfully treat allergy or atopy in dogs, cats and horses, a multi-modal approach is often required. This...

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Top 10 pollen causing allergy symptoms in animals

Animals can be allergic or sensitive for pollen from many different grasses, plants and trees, but which pollen are...

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