Diagnostic tests: Tips from a dermatologist

Cytology is the most common and immediately informative diagnostic tool in the practice of dermatology to achieve a...

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Greasy and smelly skin? Is it time to give the dog a bath?

It is not uncommon in our daily practice to be consulted on dogs presenting with greasy and smelly skin. This clinical...

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Skin fold problems & successful long term management through cleaning

Skin fold problems and successful long term management through cleaning: A new approach. Skin fold problems are very...

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Why maximising topical therapy is important?

Topical therapy is often used in mild cases of superficial pyoderma to reduce the cutaneous bacterial population but...

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Nextmune enters partnership with biotechnology company Angany Inc.

Nextmune has signed an agreement to develop new vaccines for allergy and atopic dermatitis together with Angany, a...

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Revisit Veterinary Dermatology Webinars from Nextmune Education Week!

A month ago, as part of our Nextmune Academy initiative to share knowledge through educational events, we held the...

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Equine Digestion and Nutrition

Horses that test positive to multiple foods could be dealing with a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky Gut...

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Equine Insect Bite Hypersensitivity (IBH)

Insect bite hypersensitivity (bug bite allergy or IBH) is a common summer problem. Susceptible horses are actually...

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