Dr. Thierry Olivry's Point of View | March 2021

Sublingual immunotherapy also works in allergic cats! Dear Colleagues,...

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Education Week, a huge success!

Nextmune Academy is official! We had a great kick off event in the first week of February,  our Education Week was a...

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Dr. Thierry Olivry's Point of View | February 2021

Does oclacitinib predispose dogs to develop cancer? Dear Colleagues,...

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Artuvet is now Nextmune!

The big moment is here… Artuvet is now NEXTMUNE And with a new name, a new logo, a new website, and much more to come!  ...

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Dr. Thierry Olivry's Point of View | January 2021

What should I choose: intradermal testing or IgE serology? Dear Colleagues,...

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Dr. Thierry Olivry's Point of View | December 2020

Continuing allergen immunotherapy for longer than one year should lead to a higher treatment success! To ensure the...

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Big news coming soon!

Get ready for 2021, a lot of new things are coming! We are developing, improving and restructuring faster than ever!...

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House dust mite allergy and its solution

Allergen levels  in house dust mite allergy are at their highest between May and October, the peak...

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