Get ready for allergy season: A guide to help you navigate the challenges and support your patients

As the seasons change, so do the challenges that veterinarians face in caring for their patients. One recurring issue...

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PAX® serum test is now available for cats!

We are happy to announce that the PAX® serum test is now available for cats!...

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The PAX (Pet Allergy Xplorer) is one year old

A year ago, Nextmune launched the PAX, the first molecular allergology serological test for the diagnosis of allergen...

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The power of nutritional supplements: Omega-3s, liver, intestinal, and renal support

As veterinarians, we are entrusted with the health and happiness of our patients. While a balanced diet is crucial, the...

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Allergone: an important step in the multimodal approach to house dust mite allergy

To successfully treat allergy or atopy in dogs, cats and horses, a multi-modal approach is often required. This...

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FAQs about PAX

As our PAX proposition keeps on expanding, we are happy to further accommodate you with an FAQ about PAX. This way, you...

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PAX® serum test available for horses

We are happy to announce our platform for molecular testing of IgE sensitizations is ready for commercial allergy...

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