The future of IgE sensitisation detection - PAX® NOW AVAILABLE


From today, PAX® is officially available for the testing of dog sera.

A global partnership between Nextume and MADx on the highest scientific level

Nextmune and Macro Array Diagnostics (MADx) partnership aims to offer the first commercial serological IgE-specific test for pets based on molecular allergens: the Pet Allergy Xplorer, PAX®.

Traditional allergy testing in veterinary medicine has not changed for decades and is based on placing allergen extracts on an enzyme linked immunoassay (ELISA). The issue with this method is that results can vary considerably depending on the extract, and false-negative results can occur frequently due to insufficient protein allergen concentrations.

PAX® is based on revolutionary technology provided by MADx and Nextmune’s expertise in the fundamentals of companion animal allergology. The PAX® uses allergen extracts and molecular components to identify allergens affecting pets and includes advantages such as improved reproducibility and cross-reactivity identification, improved accuracy, increased data (up to 300 results), improved treatment recommendations, and more.

Nextmune CEO, Magnus Kjellberg, states: “We appreciate the development cooperation with MADx, and we are proud to walk this new path together. Nextmune is the only veterinary diagnostic laboratory currently using molecular allergology. We are convinced that this product will allow veterinarians to diagnose allergic pets more sensitively and accurately, which will benefit the animals and their keepers alike.”

MADx CEO, Dr. Christian Harwanegg, adds: “With PAX®, we are finally able to not just provide accurate and reliable allergy diagnostics for human patients, but also their pet companions. Pet allergy diagnostics is a growing market, and we are excited to work together with a science-driven partner such as Nextmune to provide this innovative product in the field of veterinary medicine.”

What is molecular allergology?

Molecular allergology is a state-of-the-art approach to the detection of sensitisations, whereby defined single allergen components are used for the determination of specific IgE in place of traditionally-used allergen extracts. The molecular components are recombinant proteins that provide a higher level of standardisation than allergen extracts and enable a more precise identification of IgE sensitisations.

Molecular allergology tests are powerful tools that help pinpoint allergy triggers, thus facilitating risk assessment and therapy decisions.

Nextmune is bringing you the first molecular allergology platform for animals, the next-generation in allergen-specific IgE serology.

What are the main advantages of PAX®?

  • First quantitative multiplex macroarray specifically designed for companion animals
  • Over 200 allergen extracts and components included = lower testing cost per allergen
  • Fully automated process = higher level of standardization (same result if tested multiple times)
  • With CCD blocking and 2 blocking efficiency detectors
  • Only 0.5 ml of serum needed per test
  • Expected increase in serological test sensitivity due to a higher concentration of molecular allergens
  • Identification of ”primary” sensitizing allergens
  • Identification of allergen cross-reactivities
  • Selection of relevant allergens for specific immunotherapy

PAX® will be available to purchase directly from Nextmune and Nextmune’s partners around the globe.


About Nextmune:

Nextmune is a science-driven, global specialty pharma company dedicated to improving health for dogs, cats, and horses, focusing on allergy and dermatology as well as specialized care and nutrition. The product offering encompasses diagnostics, prescription and non-prescription products and is offered to veterinarians and pet parents in more than 70 countries worldwide.


About MADx:

Since the foundation of MADx in 2016, the company produces reliable allergy and food intolerance tests for diagnostic clinics, laboratories, doctors' practices, and hospitals. MADx offers future-oriented, intuitive immunodiagnostic all-in-one solutions on a molecular basis. The company’s vision lies in digitizing and cross-linking immunodiagnostic products and services to improve people’s quality of life, enabling individualized patient care, advancing science, and relieving the burden on the healthcare system.

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