1 July 2019

Referring Allergy Patients Out? Your Clinic Is Foregoing These 3 Critical Opportunities


Yes – in theory, sending your skin-afflicted patients to a dermatologist makes sense. After all, they’re the experts, right? Without the tools to diagnose and address your patients’ allergies, skin doctors are an understandable go-to.

However, resources exist. Resources that would empower you to take quality allergy management into your own hands and deliver real relief in-house.

And there are three key benefits to doing just that.

1. Maintaining A-Level Service

While every veterinary office strives to treat all their clients with A-level service, every office can have a bad day. Why put your client's experience in another clinic's hands?

Especially when the highest success rates are attainable – right at your fingertips. According to a veterinary survey:

  • 50% of patient’s symptoms improve with dietary changes
  • 66% improve with hyposensitization
  • 90% improve with a combination of both

Pursuing in-house therapy could allow you to continue delivering the kind of service your clients deserve. 

2. Convenience For Everyone Involved

Nothing is more stressful than completing a referral – for your client, your patient, and your office. It involves scheduling another appointment. Another day off work. Another trip in the car for your patient to another strange place.

Swap that for an in-office, same visit blood draw. Send the sample using one of our prepaid shipping labels and results will arrive in as little as 3 business days. (Most likely before your patient would be able to get in front of a specialist.)

3. A Significant Care Opportunity

According to the AVMA 1 in 5 pets have allergies. That’s 20% of pets. Click below to see a short video on how that stat could translate when it comes to your practice.


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